‘’3rd of April

Now, my first research plan includes a few interviews with women involved in the management of hotels and pastry shops. Today was a great day and I took the opportunity to go for a walk by the sea; this is how, on avenue Italia, I visited the Hotel Restaurant Bar Ausonia. I am greeted by the Ausonia Lupi, married Pierini, who, graciously accepting to answer my questions, makes me sit in the lobby. The lady, from whose name derives the name of the hotel, seems to me energetic. She has a rather authoritative persona, but also knows how to converse pleasantly, remembering the past. She is pleased to have been born in Follonica in the early 1900s and to have started her activity here in 1951. “From’ 53 onwards -she recalls- my son Beppe and daughter- in-law Isa also joined the company; I think you’d find the way the two youngsters met quite amusing. In 1951…’’

– From ‘’La Bottega Delle Donne’’ by Iolanda Raspollini

This is how the story of the Ausonia Hotel began.
Exactly from her, Ausonia Lupi Pierini, who gave the name to the family activity in 1948, immediately after the end of the Second World War: few rooms, a full meal and then some deckchairs in the garden before going down to the beach. They were the pillars of what we now call tourism, hospitality, welcoming. In Follonica there were only the Leopoldine foundries and a train that brought ore to the kilns that arrived in ships from the Island of Elba.

A great leap, a way to reinvent oneself and the desire for something new have led to a third generation that continues the business with the same passion. A family that makes a name a guarantee.’’


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